My four FBOs in the High Desert would often rent an old 150-hp Apache to back up our two Senecas when our multi engine student load was heavy. The last model to roll off of the Piper line in 1981 was the six-seat PA-23-250 Aztec F … The Piper Seneca was first produced in 1972 and was sold alongside the Twin Comanche until 1973 when the latter was discontinued. BeechTalk. I've seen several for sale in about the same price range. Piper soon realised that there was another market besides multi-engine training for a light twin and they started to tweak the Apache with more powerful engines, reinforced larger cabins and the very successful Piper Aztec was born, one of the safest light twins on the market. Aztec is also really only a four seater but has a problem in that if a particular engine fails you have lost not just the engine but also other systems. Anything over two metric tonnes incurs higher charges and these can mount up on a busy aircraft. In the past, I've owned two Aztecs, and I currently own a C-55 Baron. The pilot, who also was flying passengers on an angel flight, had taken pains to avoid inclement weather during the flight, said the lawsuit against Piper and other defendants. What is the concerns with the Aztec? 2012 Piper Seneca V, 633TT AF&E, 100K below book value. 14 Mar 2015, 11:25. Part of this was due, no doubt, to Pipers decision to modernize the airframe. When Piper was through revising it to their likes it was 1954 and the way-too-cute Apache hit the market place; 1,231 were built. Die Piper PA-23 Aztec ist ein zweimotoriges Leichtflugzeug des US-amerikanischen Flugzeugherstellers Piper Aircraft Corporation und der Nachfolgetyp der Piper PA-23 Apache. Search for Multiprop Piston aircraft, Type: Multiprop, Make: Piper The two front seats are reached through an over-wing door on the right side. Piper always had a reputation as a producer of good training aircraft starting with the outstanding J-3 Cub, then the first Cherokees and now the Warriors, all possessed excellent manners for new pilots to conquer. Piper followed this up by taking their PA-24 single-engine Comanche and making it a twin-engine variant, the PA-30 Twin Comanche. November 2019 11:19 Uhr: Von J. D. Bewertung: +1.00 [1] Kontext. Die Seneca verfügt über ein einziehbares Fahrwerk und steuerbares Bugrad, ist jedoch nicht mit einer Druckkabine ausgestattet. Contact. It looks like they have full de-ice. When Cessna released the 310 it had straight wing tip tanks and large vertical tail. The huge doors in the back are nice, but the Beech will offer a bit more "umph." Terms of Service - Toll-free for North America: 1-800-942-7767. International: +1 (937) 778-4200 The Skyknight was in production between 1961 and 1969 (the 320E was named the Executive Skyknight), when it was replaced by the similar Turbo 310. Die Piper PA-23 Aztec ist ein 2-motoriger Tiefdecker des US-amerikanischen Herstellers Piper Aircraft Corporation. Considering to buy an Aztec Turbo F for the following reason: full de-ice capability, little faster, safety of 2nd engine, + experience in multi engine. Manufacturer - Applied. The first really big change came about in 1962, when Piper introduced the Aztec B. In the past, I've owned two Aztecs, and I currently own a C-55 Baron. The empty weight is 3212 lb (1457 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 4750 lb (2155 kg). Case in point: when Cessna upgraded its 310, Piper countered by adding a fifth seat and bigger engines to its Apache, thus creating the PA-23-250 Aztec. The Piper Seneca is an entirely reasonable airplane. The Seneca I does not have good single engine climb performance. Piper Aircraft has always offered some of the best aviation values in the sky. Subsequent developments included the 310Q and turbocharged T310Q with redesigned rear cabin featuring a skylight window, and the final 310R and T310R, identifiable by a lengthened nose containing a baggage compartment. 13 Mar 2015, 19:35. In 1964, the engine exhaust was changed to flow under the wing instead of the augmenter tubes, which were considered to be noisy. The Seneca II/III are more economical by quite a bit. The Seneca is primarily used for personal and business flying. I have flown all types mentioned. Advertisement Seneca II Seneca V STANDARD DATA: Seneca II Seats 6. The Seneca is basically a twin-engine Cherokee Six, with its wider and longer cabin. Development. Total Usable Total Usable Each Outboard Total Usable Each Inboard 184 Gallons 177.2 Gallons 54.3 Gallons 34.3 Gallons THIS CHECKLIST IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Pricing Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned PIPER Seneca V is $394,899.91. Die Seneca verfügt nicht über eine Druckkabine. Cessna had the two-passenger trainer market locked up with the 150/152 which probably taught more post war pilots to fly than any other aircraft. Piper surely didn’t need the Stinson 108 series of tube and fabric obsolete aircraft as they already had their own fleet of tube and fabric obsolete aircraft. I have flown all types mentioned. Text Only This week, we’re comparing the Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche to the Piper PA-34 Seneca. That, more than anything, may explain why it endures in Piper s line. It was the new Stinson light twin they wanted because they needed this type of aircraft for multi-engine training. The engines are rated at 200 hp at sea level and develop 215 hp at 12,000 feet, which allows for a 75-percent cruise speed of 218 mph. Are we talking about the PA23 with the 540 engines and six seats? Question: Concerned about the increased operating and maintanance cost. I don't call that a 4 person airplane by a lot shot, that's 6 plus luggage plus full fuel. Baron vs Piper Aztec? Although numerous changes have since been wrought that would warrant a new Roman numeral designation, it is a Seneca V that remains part of the Piper lineup today. The Twin Com would be my favourite if it is the PA39 rather than the PA30 - the latter has a vicious stall. October 2004 - When I bought 1176X four years ago, I really did not plan to restore or modify the aircraft in any way, but as I got into the project, I discovered that there are more than 50 Supplemental Type Certificated products or modification for the PA-34-200T. Had the honor of flying the N801BC at Danny Waizman flight school. The Aztec is a big bus with 50s style technology but lots of people like the roominess in them. Einige Modelle sind mit einem Glascockpit ausgerüstet. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. They should never sit outside, too ugly! The Piper PA-34 Seneca is a twin-engined light aircraft, produced in the United States by Piper Aircraft. Cessna is not producing any light twins as of 1980. Nevertheless, a much-improved Seneca V appeared in 1997, with the intercooled -RB engine variant and 220 continuous horsepower available. Die Piper PA-34 Seneca des US-Herstellers Piper Aircraft Corporation ist ein zweimotoriges Leichtflugzeug, dass zum einen als Reiseflugzeug zum anderen aber auch für Flugschulen konzipiert wurde. Thanks. Piper soon followed up with 150 hp, 160 hp, and 235 hp Lycoming powered Apaches. I have flown all three and I do like the Aztruck a lot. The cabin measures 03'07" high, 04'01" wide, and 10'04" long. All rights reserved. Primarily used for personal and business flying, the Piper Seneca is an American twin-engined, light aircraft, produced by Piper Aircraft since 1971. The 310G was certified in 1961 and introduced the canted wingtip fuel tanks found on the majority of the Cessna twin-engine product line, marketed as “stabila-tip” tanks by Cessna because they were meant to aid stability in flight. Originally named {Apache} and later Aztec, the Piper PA-23 is a 1950s US twin-engined monoplane. That, more than anything, may explain why it endures in Piper s line. The light twin battle heated up when Piper purchased the Stinson Division from Vultee in the early 1950s. - Seneca; Turboprop; Jet; Helikopter ; Suchauftrag; Piper Aztec Flugzeuge zu verkaufen. REFER TO THE MANUFACTURER'S APPROVED As a Cherokee, it's naturally got a forgiving nature with respect to slow-speed maneuvering (unlike a C-310), it's rugged, and with the big cabin your wife will not likely suffer any claustraphobia. The airframes were virtually identical, and it could be hard to tell an Apache from an early Aztec. The PIPER Seneca V has a 1,658' balanced field length and 3,436' landing distance. The Seneca I does not have good single engine climb performance. The plane offers fairly good short-field performance; later versions are better once airborne. The Piper Seneca V is an aircraft that is often overlooked as a serious transportation machine. I know twins have been covered before....but, out of those three which is the best for the MEP and which is the superior plane (in terms of performance, load carrying etc)? Beech and Aero Commander were first off the mark and Cessna was rumored to … Fuel capacity 98-128. I agree that Aztecs have more space than Barons, and are a little slower. Darrel Toepfer 2005-08-13 21:32:38 UTC. Not too long after that, Piper took their popular PA-32 Cherokee Six, installed a 115 hp Lycoming O-235 on each wing … I agree that Aztecs have more space than Barons, and are a little slower. The demostrated crosswind of 13kts is a non-issue (and not a legal limit in any way). DFC, SNS3Guppy, many thanks for your thoughts. Such was the case in the 2013 crash of a Piper Seneca near Johnstown, N.Y., following a midair breakup. So wird es bevorzugt für die Ausbildung zum Erwerb eines Multiengine-Ratings eingesetzt.Es wird seit 1971 gebaut. he Piper Seneca went on sale in 1971, as an Aztec replacement. The Seneca has the capacity for one crew member and five or six passengers. Engines two 200-hp turbocharged counter-rotating … Read More "PIPER SENECA /II/III/IV/V" Piper PA-23 Apache and Aztec: Piper light twins started with the purchase of the Stinson line way back in the early 1950s. Plus, aircraft ownership news, the tip of the week and a ton of your feedback about experiment Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies), The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions, Safety, CRM, QA & Emergency Response Planning, Computer/Internet Issues & Troubleshooting, AmSafe Pilot and Co Pilot Airbag Seat Belts, ADSB In/Out, G600, TKAS, Weather Radar, … The United States Navy and military forces in other countries also used it in small numbers. In 1961, Apache production had fallen to 28 airplanes. Find the Best Aircraft Deals on and Off the Market. Over the last 3 years, I've done both engines, props, landing gear trunions, installed all new avionics and windows. Quick Search. Name I prefer the handling of the Seneca as the Aztec … The trend is to non retracts, except for a small number of retractable constant speed propeller equipped 200 hp aircraft for the complex aircraft sign off for commercial pilots. Das Leichtflugzeug ging 1959 in Serienproduktion und wurde bis Anfang 1982 hergestellt. I think Piper did this to try to keep the Aztec from pitching up like a startled horse when the flaps are first extended. Es verfügt über sehr gutmütige, sichere Flugeigenschaften und benötigt nur eine kurze Startstrecke. Development. Permalink. Hartzell Propeller Inc. One Propeller Place Piqua, Ohio 45356. Piper did use some elements of the Stinson Twin, but dumped the twin tails, engines and interior layout. In 1960 the 310D featured swept back vertical tail surfaces. Safety is Piper’s foremost priorityas illustrated by the extraordinary safety features available across the Piper product line. The Twin Com would be my favourite if it is the PA39 rather than the PA30 - the latter has a vicious stall. Piper Seneca Series Aircraft Information. We expect to have them resolved in the next 24 hours Text/HTML, Email  Zum Beginn der Diskussion; Zum vorangegangenen Beitrag Direkte Antworten auf diesen Beitrag: 3; Alle folgenden Beiträge: 84; Diskussionsthema: Flugzeugkauf; Hallo, ich prüfe aktuell, ob die Seneca (bevorzugt wohl die II) interessant für mich sein könnte. Search. Twenty years later, it’s one of only four piston multis still in production. Advertising - 4,570. Cookie Policy - A derivative of the Aztec the Piper Seneca is heavy hauler and can withstand the punishment of multi-engine training. The Aztec is roomier. In three years, Piper sold 933 Seneca Is, dramatically outdoing the Aztec and Comanche. Archive - 2012 PIPER SENECA V. Piston Twin Aircraft . The Piper Seneca V combines the safety of twin-engines and counter-rotating propellers with turbo-charged performance and a comfortable air-conditioned cabin. Empty wt. Cessna was also ahead in small family aircraft with the Cessna Skyhawk 172, an outstanding aircraft still in production. The Aztec, or ‘Aztruck’ as its affectionately known, is Piper’s most respected twin of all. Then we talk about an update to mandatory service bulletin 05-8B and where to find the latest ADS-B out map from the FAA. The huge doors in the back are nice, but the Beech will offer a bit more "umph." Piper PA-23 Apache and Aztec: Piper light twins started with the purchase of the Stinson line way back in the early 1950s. Flugzeugkauf | Piper Seneca - Erfahrungen, Tipps : 30. IIRC, the "new" stabilator has developed cracking issues. Baron vs Piper Aztec? 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