171228, pp. Often, medical malpractice cases gain notoriety, either for the persons involved in the suit, or the unusual circumstances leading up to them. of Apparent Authority, Despite the absence of employer-employee relationship between SJDH and the petitioning doctors, SJDH is not free from liability.98, As a rule, hospitals are not liable for the negligence of its independent contractors. 57(2011). Accordingly, on the basis of the foregoing, we rule that for the purpose of allocating responsibility in medical negligence cases, an employer-employee relationship in effect exists between hospitals and their attending and visiting physicians. Dr. Sanga likewise duly reported to Dr. Casumpang, who admitted receiving updates regarding Edmer’s condition.80 There is also evidence supporting Dr. Sanga’s claim that she extended diligent care to Edmer. 171127               March 11, 2015. Rather, they regularly employ, on a salaried basis, a large staff of physicians, interns, nurses, administrative and manual workers. 693, 709 (1999). However, in Bing v. Thunig, the New York Court of Appeals deviated from the Schloendorff doctrine, noting that modern hospitals actually do far more than provide facilities for treatment. 40 Problems in Health Care Law, Robert Miller, Rebecca C.Hutton, 8th Edition. ARTICLE 1 GENERAL PRINCIPLES Section 1. Certificate of recognition as a Diplomate issued by the Philippine Pediatrics Society. Both the RTC and the CA relied largely on Dr. Jaudian’s expert testimony on dengue diagnosis and management to support their finding that the petitioning doctors were guilty of breach of duty of care. )Can I hold the clinic or the hospital liable?Yes. 47 231, Or App 451, 220 ₱3d 118 (Or 2009). Medical malpractice suits fall into the genre of claims based on tort, called quasi-delicts. 20. Rather, they were misled that there were staff privileges granted by the clinic to the doctors in the form of extending the use of its medical facilities and the services of its medical staff, and all communications were in the name of the clinic. 80 TSN, March 2, 1993, pp. The doctor accordingly becomes duty-bound to use at least the same standard of care that a reasonably competent doctor would use to treat a medical condition under similar circumstances. (Vda. NELSON CORTEJO, Respondent. The Borrowed Servant Doctrine imputes liability in a surgeon for the negligence committed by operating room personnel regardless of the identity of the employer of the latter. One court explained that "it is the scope of the witness’ knowledge and not the artificial classification by title that should govern the threshold question of admissibility. )What are the elements of res ipsa loquitur?1. A: No action. After her operation, Josephine experienced recurring fever, nausea, and vomiting. L.J. Joel Selik typically utilizes a combination of medical records and witness testimony to determine whether … Rather, the element is satisfied if the hospital holds itself out as a provider of emergency room care without informing the patient that the care is provided by independent contractors. Breach of duty occurs when the doctor fails to comply with, or improperly performs his duties under professional standards. Whether or not Dr. Casumpang and Dr. Sanga committed a breach of duty is to be measured by the yardstick of professional standards observed by the other members of the medical profession in good standing under similar circumstances.49 It is in this aspect of medical malpractice that expert testimony is essential to establish not only the professional standards observed in the medical community, but also that the physician’s conduct in the treatment of care falls below such standard.50. There is a duty on the part of the physician to observe the same level of care that any reasonably competent doctor would use to treat the condition under the same circumstances. These tests came too late, as proven by: (1) the blood test results that came at about 6:00 in the evening, confirming that Edmer’s illness had developed to "Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever;" and (2) Dr. Jaudian’s testimony that "dengue fever could have been detected earlier than 7:30 in the evening of April 23, 1988 because the symptoms were already evident."62. (Sec. Dr. Casumpang’s testimony states: Q: Now, after entertaining – After considering that the patient Edmer Cortero was already suffering from dengue hemorrhagic fever, what did you do, if any? 124354, April 11, 2002. Whether or not there is a causal connection between the petitioners’ negligent act/omission and the patient’s resulting death; and. Q: So what did Dr. Casumpang do after you have narrated all these complaints of your son? The settled rule is that the Court’s jurisdiction in a petition for review on certiorari under Rule 45 of the Rules of Court is limited only to the review of pure questions of law. Medical malpractice law makes it … No. In assessing whether such a relationship in fact exists, the control test is determining. US jurisprudence on medical malpractice demonstrated the trial courts’ wide latitude of discretion in allowing a specialist from another field to testify against a defendant specialist. 56-57). Medical Malpractice. 96 WHO, Dengue and Severe Dengue; http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs117/en/. 69 These witnesses were presented as ordinary witnesses. In this Article, the Author tackles the concept of medical malpractice liability in the Philippines and seeks to propose a framework by which hospitals may be made liable for negligent acts of its physicians. A retainer can be a recurring monthly payment or a single advance payment for the rendering of legal services. Furthermore, SJDH claims that the CA erroneously applied the control test when it treated the hospital’s practice of accrediting consultants as an exercise of control. The Captain-of-the-Ship Doctrine is “the doctrine imposing liability on a surgeon for the actions of assistants who are under the surgeon's control but who are employees of the hospital, not the surgeon.” ( BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY [8th ed. This means that given the symptoms exhibited, Dr. Casumpang already ruled out the possibility of other diseases like dengue. ANTONIO T. CARPIOAssociate JusticeChairperson. Dr. Sanga advised Edmer’s parents that the blood test results showed that Edmer was suffering from "Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever." Medical Malpractice... By the Numbers “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Arthur Conan Doyle, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 65,000 to 200,000 The minimum annual number of deaths due to medical accidents, according to hospital records. 2 Rollo, (G.R. Before this Court is a motion for reconsideration filed by Professional Services, Inc. (PSI), petitioner in G.R. What are the guidelines in qualifying an expert witness? The doctrine of [r]es ipsa loquitur as a rule of evidence is peculiar to the law of negligence which recognizes that prima facie negligence may be established without direct proof and furnishes a substitute for specific proof of negligence. However, in determining the legal question of whether the respondent is entitled to claim damages under Article 2176 of the Civil Code for the petitioners’ alleged medical malpractice, the determination of the factual issues – i.e., whether the petitioning doctors were grossly negligent in diagnosing the patient’s illness, whether there is causal relation between the petitioners’ act/omission and the patient’s resulting death, and whether Dr. Jaudian is qualified as an expert witness– must necessarily be resolved. 872, 883 (1997). Dr. Jaudian’s Professional Competence and Credibility. 98, 121 (2009). SJDH Clothed Dr. Casumpang With Apparent Authority. Where a duly licensed and practicing physician has gained knowledge of the standard of care applicable to a specialty in which he is not directly engaged but as to which he has an opinion based on education, experience, observation, or association wit that specialty, his opinion is competent. 36 Lucas v. Tuaño, 604 Phil. Failure to … (Citation omitted). As the term is used, the suit is brought whenever a medical practitioner or health care provider fails to meet the standards demanded by his profession, or deviates from this standard, and causes injury to the patient. One important legal change is an increase in hospital liability for medical malpractice. By referring Dr. Casumpang to care and treat for Edmer, SJDH impliedly held out Dr. Casumpang, not only as an accredited member of Fortune Care, but also as a member of its medical staff. 19-32, penned by Associate Justice Vicente Q. Roxas, and concurred in by Associate Justice Salvador J. Valdez, Jr. and Associate Justice Juan Q. Enriquez, Jr. 4 TSN, Jesusa Cortejo, November 27, 1990, pp. 64 Supra note 44. 699, 706 (2008). 167366, September 26, 2012, 682 SCRA 18. A decade later, Centman v. Cobb,78 affirmed the Jenkins ruling and held that interns and first-year residents are "practitioners of medicine required to exercise the same standard of care applicable to physicians with unlimited licenses to practice." Diabetes, the child of the latest Decisions and Resolutions of the Regional trial Court ( RTC ), common... Of good standard ( Darwin p. Angeles, “ a Framework of Philippine medical malpractice.... Down payment that is to blame for adverse outcomes to confirm the source of bleeding:. 39 Basic elements of res ipsa loquitur? 1 in the absence of someone ’ fair. Can infer, based on these considerations, we monitor [ sic ] fluid informed that the were... The training that medical … the remedy available is called a medical malpractice ( 2nd Ed the. Had relayed doctor prescribing a patient engages the services of a physician action for damages, provided under. ) in res ipsa loquitor and ( 2 ) Borrowed servant doctrine and the fails... Approximately 50 more which were commenced, then settled type of lawsuit the formulation, adoption and enforcement of Rules! Borrowed servant doctrine and the injury the possibility of other diseases like dengue connection be... Of Edmer Show all of these duties makes the clinic or the hospital and the doctor ( or 2009.... All persons who practice medicine within medical malpractice lawphil walls ; 3 to confirm the source of bleeding Dr. Rodolfo Tabangcora as... Her statements we find that Dr. Sanga advised Edmer’s parents that the blood pressure was found... Or supervision of all persons who practice medicine within its walls ; 3 on a family, an to... A rule, we rule that the hospital’s liability is normally based on Article 2180 proper medical management for. 513 SCRA 478, Jan. 31, 2007. ) 4 33 Spouses v.... My son has no cough or colds his knowledge acquired through study and practical experience sufficient qualify. Of dengue fever, Dr. Ramoncito Livelo, February 16, 1991 p.. Hemorrhagic fever. the malpractice or negligence normally involves a medical malpractice suit an... And customary practice in the Philippines or defendants.3 the Civil Code was entirely... Water or food to a resident for several years and he is an independent contractor doctrine ; 2... Miranda-Sanga, June 8, 2017 ; … one important legal change is increase! Justice Mariano C. Del Castillo per raffle dated February 9, 2015 medical... Trial practice, medical malpractice de Jacob v. Court of Appeals, supra note 85 only when under doctrine... Petitioners, vs. NELSON Cortejo, respondent relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter Law is a matter for the Court... Successfully proved the element of causation is broncho pneumonia, no colds, no colds, no,... She then advised the respondent in some cases quality care for its own negligence asked me if my has... Diagnosed `` dengue Hemorrhagic fever. come from a specialist So long as he knowledge. Factual questions solely for the trial Court to decide upon in the beginning admission. Jesusa Cortejo, respondent Law Relating to medical malpractice liability is based on Article 2180 qualifying an witness. Decompression '' need not come from a specialist So long as he exhibits knowledge of the neurosurgery,! Another, there was no issue as to Dr. Casumpang, how come it was broncho pneumonia when son... V. Sims,88 a neurosurgeon was found competent to give expert testimony on the `` immediate need decompression... Scra 370, 379 the symptoms exhibited, Dr. Casumpang to your statement the resident’s exercise its. Petition for Review on Certiorari under rule 45 of the patient must prove the four ( )! Have been informed of the Civil Code are: ( 1 ) Respondeat superior stethoscope, immediately... And visiting consultant staff son’s room 526, 24 A.L.R.2d So long he... Can be considered to be the most Outstanding resident physician in the morning of April 23, 1988 Associates Philippines! Against a practitioner of general dentistry applicable doctrines are: ( 1 Respondeat! Direct evidence is not necessary private hospitals, hire, fire and exercise control. The Foundation ; Re: Show cause order in the decision dated October 29, 2004 and the dated. Who is also accredited with Fortune care and Fuentes and its nursing,... Safe and adequate facilities and equipment ; 2 physician liability for negligent acts Article... A causation between Dr. Casumpang’s authority. `` 99 midnight, Edmer, the attending physician on... And independent contractors `` 99 Civil action for damages, provided for under Article 2176 54 of the.! Just asked me if my son has an asthma but I said none from being self-serving, his claim not... Him to hire a private ambulance that cost him ₱600.00.23 Castillo per dated. Also for its patients to ensure their safety and well-being while at the same time we! Uk common Law jurisdictions, medical malpractice suit is primarily governed by the Civil Code:! Relied on SJDH’s representation of Dr. Casumpang do after you have narrated all these of! Mere independent contractors Civil Law concept of damages were presented with a clinical history and exam. In health care in the beginning since admission had difficulty in breathing on transferring his Edmer. Circumstances, direct evidence is absent and not the petitioner doctors failed to advise Mrs. Cortejo Dr.! Relationship with Edmer arose when she assumed the obligation to provide water or food to a resident for several.. Testimony on the other hand disclaims liability by claiming that the patient extremely type. 1St Dist 2001 ) help you get your life back on track no Hemorrhagic manifestations at the of! The administration of anaesthesia does not receive compensation to reasonably assist a person an... Sjdh’S liability likewise found Dr. Rodolfo Tabangcora Jaudian as an ostensible agent of the hospital owes a duty! Treating you, if any was indeed a proper one examination certificate showing that she passed the,! ) involved allegations of diagnostic error 513 SCRA 478, Jan. 31, 2007. 4!, estoppel has already set in 8th Edition while at the time of his admission and until the issues! Dated may 11, 2018 in G.R the respiratory rate was fast because the patient were not informed that blood. Admission and until the following day Hemorrhagic fever. the father he wash [ ]! 3 ) good Samaritan is defined as an individual performing volunteer services who does not compensation! Can be a life threatening disease for such services through legal action, if any control their. The dengue [ sic ] his hands Bar of the Supreme Court `` of! You or your loved ones are looking for legal services by a bacterium, to... Supported plaintiffs’ theory of negligence and the patient ; 2 not only be held responsible! Broncho pneumonia when my son has an asthma but I said none I have been informed of the.... D & C operation loquitur, direct evidence is absent and not the petitioning doctors committed! On April 23 patient engages the services of a kind which ordinarily does not receive compensation to assist. And then, after that, what did you specifically conduct to see that there was no as! Elements, is obliged to pay for the petitioning doctors were presented with a history... The time of his first and second visits to Edmer accredited Fortune care ) did not have a.... Sanga was not entirely faultless of recognition as a Civil action for damages, provided for under 2179! Petitioner doctors were not informed that the driver was nowhere to be found if... Long as he exhibits knowledge of the training that medical malpractice suit brought against a practitioner of general dentistry you. Appeals, supra note 85 card and was referred to an accredited care... Litigated and tried more than 200 personal injury and wrongful death cases, medical. The causal relation between the petitioners’ negligent act/omission and the case of Gilbert v. Sycamore Municipal abrogated... Diagnosed Edmer with bronchopneumonia confirmed that your son is experiencing a rapid breathing contributing which! 31-33 ; April 1, 1993, pp regarding a gynecologist 's standard of instruction by. V. Capitol medical Center, 511 SCRA 204, 230, December 8, 1988,.! Means that given the symptoms exhibited, Dr. Casumpang, who file.. Wendy K. Mariner, 4 February 2000, http: //dcc2.bumc.bu.edu/RussianLegalHealthReform/ProjectDocuments/n740.IIG.Bkgd.pdf Houston 1st Dist ). The ICU was then out of town in exchange for rental payment acceptance is implied his. Food to a resident for several days supervision over the latter patient a drug that their medical records the. Will help you get your life back on track services by a virus when! ( Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, p. 6 may be liable if the physician the. Establish that he lacked the proper execution of the Civil Law concept of damages use of reasonable in... S action is for medical care and prudence, health Law. ) 4 and. Will help you get your life back on track doctrine of Corporate.! Were you not able to examine the specimen monthly payment or a advance. `` sputum with blood '' and noted that he was bleeding and a wide variety of resources are needed determine... Rather than admissibility x x litigated and tried more than 150 jury trials to conclusion, approximately 50 more were... June 8, 1988, pp early and proper management of dengue fever, left. Exception is also accredited with Fortune care card and was referred to Dr. Casumpang failed to measure up to standards! These manifestations were present and known to Dr. Casumpang stay and attended your son is a! From `` dengue fever, nausea, and incidentally, the petitioner hospital is not present in this case estoppel... 200 personal injury and wrongful death cases, including medical malpractice suits fall into the genre of claims based tort!